Building Code Services, Inc. has been providing quality, timely plan review services to municipalities for over 10 years.  Our staff has a combined 160 years of plan review, design, and building experience.  Municipalities we’ve served have and continue to remark on our rapid turnaround times which is noted as the fastest they’ve experienced.  Over 95% of projects are returned before contracted time frames.

We Are:

  • Licensed Structural Engineers
  • Licensed Professional Engineers[custom_frame_right]support_thumb_up[/custom_frame_right]
  • ICC Certified Building Officials
  • ICC Certified Plans Examiners
  • Certified Accessibility Specialists(CASp)
  • ICC Certified Building Inspectors
  • ICC Certified Electrical Inspectors
  • ICC Certified Mechanical Inspectors
  • ICC Certified Plumbing Inspectors
  • ICC Certified Residential Fire Sprinkler Plans Examiners
  • ICC Certified Combination Inspector
  • ICC Certified Combination Plans Examiner

We Are Not:
We are not a big company with big overheads

  • We remain small and flexible by choice with the ability to adjust staffing levels to meet service demands of the municipalities we serve.
  • Small overhead equals savings to cities and the customers we serve

We are not a company that tries to put square pegs in round holes

  • We cater the municipalities unique needs based on its staffing and fiscal priorities and tailor our service to your best interests.
  • We do not perform reviews outside of staff’s specialty area
  • We have specialists that check all Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Plans.  Any given project may have two or more staff on the review team.  Staff do not perform reviews outside of their area of expertise.

We do not rely on status quo and have a quality control program in place geared toward product integrity and completeness

  • Staff product is screened in random frequencies for completeness and synchronization particularly when product is generated by a review team.
  • Comments and corrections are clear and issue specific
  • Collaboration is encouraged to provide solutions to difficult or gray area code issues


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