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The Community Development Department within the City of Chino has utilized the services of Building Code Services since 2004. They have consistently provided a high level of service at a fair rate. They continue to be very responsive to a fluctuating workload and make themselves available to assist staff in addressing and resolving special customer service issues. We appreciate their professionalism and look forward to working with BCS on future developments.

– Michael Heroux
Building Official
City of Chino

BCS has contracted with the City of Whittier Building & Safety Division since 2006 and has done so with exemplary service. The service is fast, friendly, and the BCS staff goes the extra mile to make sure customer’s needs are met. The plan reviews have been very consistent in quality and in return delivery justifying for the City of Whittier a renewed contract.

– Brian Lee
Building Official (Retired)
City of Whittier

BCS has gone above and beyond to help us get through plan checks quickly, especially when we are in a time crunch. I have had nothing but great experiences with every member of BCS. Every staff member is more than willing to help explain potential concerns and worked with me to get the issues resolved quickly. They are organized and turn plan checks around quickly.

– Mandie Bayless
Centex Homes

BCS has consistently provided a high level of service despite the addition of two major residential communities, providing approximately 10,000 new dwelling units.

– Charles Coe
Director of Community Development (Retired)
City of Chino

I wish to personally recommend BCS for plan review services. I have had the pleasure of working with them in three different jurisdictions. The Cities of Chino, Upland, and Whittier. I was the Building Official in each of these Cities where they provided plan review services. I found them to be responsive, professional, and staffed with experts. They were able to provide peer review on a multitude of projects and subjects. Their code knowledge is of the highest level and along with sound judgment makes code compliance effective for the jurisdiction. BCS has a great track record of customer service that I can personally attest to as I have seen them in action over the past ten years. BCS is a quality firm that understands the role of the building department and how it interacts with its customers. Finally, I have witnessed their honesty and integrity and have great respect for their staff and services.

– Matthew N. Winter
Building Official (Retired)
City of Whittier

BCS has not only a good understanding of the code, but is able to help the applicant through the plan check process concerning building codes and life safety issues in a direct and timely manner. It has been both a beneficial and educational process working with BCS in their goal to provide a professional service to the developer and the general-public.

– Craig Fleischner
Senior Project Manager for RGA

While working for the City of Upland and while formerly working for the City of Chino I have been asked many times by other Plans Examiners, Building Officials and Contractors which contract Plan Review service we used. My answer of course was always BCS. While working for Chino we first contracted with BCS in 2004 and were still contracted with them in July 2007 when I took the position as Plan Examiner for the City of Upland. Fortunately for Upland in January 2008 we were able to put BCS on contract to perform not just our overflow but also our structural reviews and large commercials and tracts. It has been very rewarding and also reassuring to have such competent professionals working in the background in support of our team. It is without reservation that I fully recommend BCS as the pinnacle plan review service in Southern California.

– Mark Morton
Former Plans Examiner/Interim Building Official
Upland, CA

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